Design Process

We start with an individual request. This is what inspires every creation, thus each design is one of a kind. Using selections of certified diamonds or colored gemstones, and the mounting to set it in, we can custom design a ring or other piece of jewelry, just for you.

First, each piece is hand drawn to scale by one of the in-house designers. The piece is meticulously drawn from all angles so as to fully represent to the customer and the craftsmen the depth and details of the piece.

Once the design is approved, it is given to our expert wax-carver. Using the lost-wax method of casting, he carves the piece to scale and with full detail out of wax. From this carving, a negative “shell” is made and the wax is melted out. Liquid gold, platinum, or silver is then poured into the negative form. Once cooled, we are left with a superior casting.

The piece is then given its first polishing, followed by the stones being expertly set. Once all the stones are set, the piece is given a final polishing. The piece is then presented to the wear and enjoy!